miércoles, junio 26, 2013

second page

It's been more than a few days since last page, so this is not a one per week I gess.
Any way, here it is, I hope you like it ^^

lunes, junio 24, 2013


Maeva casting. just a little quicky this morning ^^

martes, junio 18, 2013

Andrew Loomis

Practicing from Andrew Loomis books, pages 152 to 154

lunes, junio 17, 2013

port and colors

I liked more this one.
I've used some ref for colors.
hand made lines /PS colors ^^

domingo, junio 16, 2013

now colors :D


Just a draw, practicing a little this inks of mine XD

miércoles, junio 05, 2013

First page of this "one per week" comic.
I hope you like it :D