lunes, febrero 27, 2012

Just a drawing for fun

Just a drawing I made for fun. This is Naga arguing with a good cleric about if life is it good or not. I hope you like it :D

domingo, febrero 19, 2012

Nuevo proyecto! Hermanitas 2

More from Hermanitas (Little sisters). Now the body sheets, pencils and inkings.
Enjoy! :D

Nuevo proyecto! Hermanitas

Another project! yay! This is another ''practice project''. I'm trying to fix misstakes I made on Naga's so, this time I'm making this character sheets to aboid some problems hehehe.
I'm also studying from a Loomis book, I hope we all can see the diference when I finish it XD

Ok, no more text, lets get the drawings come out ^^