domingo, agosto 26, 2012

Loomis - Torciones

Working with Loomis book, I want to keep the improovment to be the artist I want to be :D

sábado, agosto 18, 2012

son of doom...

As I said, this page has made me step back from colors. Is the fourth page of this

I made some mess with the colouring stuff... I need to practice some (lot) more.
Just that, some sketches ^^

jueves, agosto 09, 2012

frustrated colors... by now

well. I was painting this samples but I screwed out at the end (fourth page is really a mess, believe me...)
I'm still glad about results, any way. This looks much better than Naga's comic, so... I can see I'm growing, at least ^^U

In a few days I'll upload the black and white version (fourth page included)