sábado, diciembre 31, 2011

Naga pertrificada part2

Here is the second part, Blogger didn't let me upload all together but there's no problem, right? heheh.
Alright, I hope you like it :D

Naga petrificada

Well, this is it! At last and finaly done!
All by me, script, drawings and color. This is the first time I do everything by myself. And the first time I color a comic.
I'm glad to post this the last day of 2011.
I'll be working next year. I'll try very hard to get what I really want. Wich is living from comics :D

I hope you like this hehehe.

domingo, noviembre 27, 2011

sneak page 2 Naga

Today I've finished the all 8 pages of this comic. Just the inking stuff... Tomorrow I'll be starting the colors, I hope I don't mess it up XD

viernes, septiembre 30, 2011

Day 22: Something you miss

well. This is/was ''Eu'', my little dog half husky half collie. He had one brown eye and another light blue.
You ran away one day, but I still miss you buddie. Be a good dog, ok?

Day 21: Something you want

mh.. If I have to choose, this should be in my ''wish list''.
If you know Drizzt D'o Urden you know his friend Guenwyvar. I want the onix statue to call her, oh yes!!

Day 20: Something orange

Yay! my sketchbook is orange :D

Day 19: Something new

Needing a new tail, dude? ^^U

Day 18: Just a doodle

I've been doodling for 30 minutes. This is just a part of it.

Day 17: Favorite plant

it calls ''Patagua'' it grows in Patagonia and I loved it the first time I saw it.

Day 16: inspiration

well... :P

Day 15: Family picture

Family picture.
It's been one year and a half that this is my fam picture. I have a tiny family huh? hehehe.

Day 14: Favorite fairytale

Snow white.
It's not my favorite, but it just came out

miércoles, septiembre 21, 2011

Day 13: Comic

well, it says just Comic... So I put a comic ^^U
aahhh delicious secuential art hahah.

martes, septiembre 20, 2011

Day 12: Most recent accomplishment

People says that I'm a good boy heheh, I am really! But I enjoy with sarcasm and this acid kind of humour. So, many times I don't seem so good. But I am!! ...really...

Day 11: Turning point in your life

well may be it's too much who didn't wanted not been born some time :P

it says:
what's that...?
Could it be...?

I can see... reach. Lets see...

It seems this is...
(doctor) A BOY!
(baby/me) NO! WTF? Let me go back! NO! NOOO!!

Day 10: Favorite candy

I know it sucks, but I don't care XD
I love this chocolate by the way!

sábado, septiembre 17, 2011

Day 9: Favorite TV show

This could seems a little bizarre but I couldn't decide... Is it Walking dead or Game of thrones? so... I put them both in the same drawing ^^U

Day 8: Favorite animated character

This is my poor version of Tatsuo Shima from Akira. I like him as many other characters, but I had to shoose one, isn't?

Day 7: Favorite word

well, is not my favorite, but I gess I don't have one. And this word saves you from many things, it's a good word any way ;)

jueves, septiembre 15, 2011

Day 6: Favorite book character, can't be a movie

I always loved Drizzt, is one of my favorites, I like Haplo, from The Death Gate Cycle books, and I have many characters that I like, but had to choose one of them ^^U

Sheldon Draga

Ok, just a joke for a friend XD

martes, septiembre 13, 2011

Day 5: ''Best friend''

I really don't believe in ''best friends'' you're friend or you aren't... at least to me.
But this man has been always arrownd since we met, so I gess the award would be for him hehehe.
Thanks for been you Emi. :P

Day 4: ''Favorite place''

Don't know if I have a ''favorite'' place, but give me a wood, a lake and mountains and I'll be happy, oh yes :D

domingo, septiembre 11, 2011

Day 3: ''Favorite food''

I wanted to draw this just in pencils, but it sucked hehehe, so I drawed in Photoshop.
''lomo al champignon con papas a la crema'' >Back to mushroom in cream sauce with potatoes. Don't know if translation is correct any way. I used google translator, and we all know what can come out from it hehehe.

Day 2: ''Favorite animal''

following the list, 2º drawing, ''Favorite animal'', so I draw a wolf... or something alikes one XD

viernes, septiembre 09, 2011

Day 1: ''Yourself''

Just a self port.
I'm starting a 30 day draing challenge and for the first day it's a ''yourself'' so... here I am ^^U

domingo, septiembre 04, 2011


This is Sari, a character from Mr Tanooki-T
Here's the original I hope he likes it ;D

domingo, agosto 21, 2011

Naga no coat

I was trying to give this character a shirt when she was'nt using her coat, so here it is :D

sábado, agosto 06, 2011

sneek peek page one

Bien, aqui esta la primera pagina de la historia. En realidad es solo un segmento de una aventura, basciamente el final. Falta colorear, pero no me aguanto a mostrar algo de lo que voy haciendo.
Me gusta mucho el resultado, espero que les guste tambien!!

jueves, junio 30, 2011

Ukko Colors

Practicando color digital, bastante conforme con los resultados para tener tan poca practica la verdad, me gusta esto.

jueves, junio 16, 2011

Marvel submission 2011 Carck Bang Boom con

Ok, this is my submission for this year at the Carck Bang Boom con in Rosario, Argentina.
I didn't pas this time, but I've learned a lot for the next time.
I need to keep pushing!! :D

sábado, mayo 07, 2011

Characters second strike

Personajes correjidos para la prueba con Historias de Asgoria.
Otra vez Ukko y Arthos, pero con las correcciones de los propietarios de los personajes.

martes, mayo 03, 2011

Historias de Asgoria

Aqui vamos con los primeros diseños de los protagonistas de esta pequeña historia de prueba que estoy por hacer sobre las Tierras de Asgoria.

El llamado Arthos Deathfist, es un monje de las tierras de Dhu nun. Que seria algo asi como una tierra arabigo-egipcia con ciudadelas flotantes en medio del desierto.
El personaje es del usuario Albert Wesker del foro de Tierras de Asgoria.

Luego esta el guerrero vikingo Ukko Kjadvirson, de las tierras del norte. La ciudad de Mraganur.
Este personaje pertenece a Lousin del mismo foro.

Y por ultimo esta Naga del Clan del Raikhuy, que es una hechicera de algun lugar al Sur del continente y es personaje mio. Aqui veremos qué le pasa a ella.

Los diseños en si de los dos masculinos pueden llegar a cambiar, aun estan en desarrollo, la unica que esta definida es Naga, que aqui llevara una capa de abrigo por el lugar donde toca la aventura.