sábado, noviembre 24, 2012

practicas de movimiento

Estuve practicando toda la tarde con el libro de Loomis.
Este dibujo fue el ultimo hecho hoy, creo que salio bastante bien, cuando tenga tiempo subire los que fui haciendo del libro, como los de torciones.
Fue sin modelo de nada, solo usando la logica de lo estudiado hoy ^^

miércoles, septiembre 12, 2012


Something that I'm drawing in this days.
If I can I'll post the hole thing if I don't, well... this doesn't hurt anybody XD

domingo, agosto 26, 2012

Loomis - Torciones

Working with Loomis book, I want to keep the improovment to be the artist I want to be :D

sábado, agosto 18, 2012

son of doom...

As I said, this page has made me step back from colors. Is the fourth page of this http://ruedadecamion.blogspot.com.ar/2012/08/color-frustrado-por-ahora.html

I made some mess with the colouring stuff... I need to practice some (lot) more.
Just that, some sketches ^^

jueves, agosto 09, 2012

frustrated colors... by now

well. I was painting this samples but I screwed out at the end (fourth page is really a mess, believe me...)
I'm still glad about results, any way. This looks much better than Naga's comic, so... I can see I'm growing, at least ^^U

In a few days I'll upload the black and white version (fourth page included)

viernes, julio 06, 2012


I've presented this to a contest, but I didn't won a thing :P
I like the story, but I gess I had pretty little space to tell it(just 4 pages), so... at least I can published now that I know I didn't won hehehe.

lunes, mayo 14, 2012

Hi, there again!
I've made a colab to this site
Here you can see an alternate ending for Star Wars.
I made this in the middle of Hermanitas and my next project Rahaku, that I cannot show to much yet ^^
I hope you like this :D

martes, mayo 01, 2012

Color tests!

I've been doing some color tests to colour Hermanitas. This are Naga from my last comic, and D'antra who is an elf from her same universe. There also this wanderer. I named this picture ''Vagabundi'' I re framed so I post it twice :)

lunes, abril 30, 2012

Hermanitas page 5 inks

Well... it's done, almost. Page 5 is already inked but... It needs a fix at least in this shot. When I look at the pencils the mistake is really clear, her neck is too short. The question is: why oh why do I see this before inking??? well.. I'll find a way to fix this... crap :/
Last page!! I'll be inking this tomorrow. I like how this ends I hope second part gets soon, but I have to do some other things first.

lunes, abril 23, 2012

Just a fooling arownd with digital colors. A silly thing but I like it ^^ Kymah at page 3
Well, here's the inked page 4. this little story is about to end! The next page is the last by now. I'll add dialogues in english for the colored version.

sábado, abril 21, 2012

hermanitas pencils page 4

Page 4! Here we've got some action. It was kind of dificult to draw this page. My script said that this page it would need 13 shots, but it has 11 and yet it may look tight for an action page. Meh... I had to fix some actions in the middle of another secuences to save some space, like the Boss Raggor running away. I hope this page looks fine at the end, I like how it looks now ^^U

lunes, abril 16, 2012

Hermanitas character sheets: full body color

Again, but full body painted character sheets!
I hope you like it ^^

Hermanitas character sheets: head color

The same heads turn around but with color tests!

martes, abril 10, 2012

Hermanitas page 3 inks and pencils

A little delay this time, but finished at last!
Pencils and inks in the same entry ^^U
I'm happyer page by page. I like a lot this results. This is more ''hardworked''? But I gess is gettin better :D
I hope you like it!

lunes, abril 02, 2012

Hermanitas page 2 inked

Well well!!
Second one. I wasn't really happy with pencils, but I did'n knew why. It really surprissed me when I inked it, 'cause now I like the page a lot :D
Enjoy, I hope you like it too!

sábado, marzo 31, 2012

Hermanitas page 2

Here's the second page. I'll be inking this today, so later I'll be up loading it here.

sábado, marzo 24, 2012

Hermanitas page 1 inked

Ok, here's the first page inked!
I've made some mistakes with the inking part as usual, but I gess I've fixed it ok.
I hope you like this ^^

jueves, marzo 22, 2012

Hermanitas page 1

Well, here it is!
The first Hermanitas page (it's like ''sis'' from sisters).
When I have it inked I'll upload it too.
I hope you like it!!

lunes, febrero 27, 2012

Just a drawing for fun

Just a drawing I made for fun. This is Naga arguing with a good cleric about if life is it good or not. I hope you like it :D

domingo, febrero 19, 2012

Nuevo proyecto! Hermanitas 2

More from Hermanitas (Little sisters). Now the body sheets, pencils and inkings.
Enjoy! :D

Nuevo proyecto! Hermanitas

Another project! yay! This is another ''practice project''. I'm trying to fix misstakes I made on Naga's so, this time I'm making this character sheets to aboid some problems hehehe.
I'm also studying from a Loomis book, I hope we all can see the diference when I finish it XD

Ok, no more text, lets get the drawings come out ^^

miércoles, enero 04, 2012

some shanges and fixes part 2

That's it. all pages fixed and uploaded again, with corrections.

some shanges and fixes part 1

I made some changes at the pages.
Texts are now fixed, and baloons are open against the sides of the page. Oh! and black boxes from the last page now are really black XD